10 Best Utorrent Alternatives For Downloading Torrent Files In 2021

Enter uTorrent in the Find What box and hit enter or select Find Next to locate the entries related to uTorrent. Till now we have seen the methods to remove uTorrent from your Windows PC. But that is not enough. There might be some leftover files on your PC even after removing uTorrent.

So if you get the error when clicking a shortcut, check the location of its target file and see if the file is in an inaccessible location. Here is how to check the location of target file of a shortcut. You can do this through Windows Update in Settings. No doubt a useful feature if you regularly install apps from questionable sources. But for most home users, a good antivirus or malware suite will keep you safe from malicious apps just as well. BitLocker and BitLocker To Go, Microsoft’s encryption software for Windows, is included only with Windows 10 Pro.

How to Use uTorrent and Increase Torrent Download Speeds with Port Forwarding

You can use an Android app to manage your downloads and uploads, as well as set schedules and pause torrents. Alternatively, you can follow the steps and method given below. But I would suggest you to go for trusted and official source only. This type of downloader will help you to download torrents file.

  • If a wired connection is an available option for you, then, by all means, do it.
  • Is it because I Do a standard online such how to boost?
  • Virtual Private Service is the easiest way to bypass torrent blocking.

We have managed to find a good number of working solutions to make uTorrent work again without any issue. When the above two methods failed and you are serious about downloading torrents, then you must use a VPN service. VPN hides your IP, unblocks any website, and provides security.

Solution 3. Close Other Unnecessary Processes

Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 470,727 times. This will save your changes and close the Preferences window. This is either on the left side of the window or at the top of the window . You’ll find this near the top of the drop-down menu. Clicking it opens the uTorrent Preferences window. This will increase the number of trackers for your torrent which, in turn, will draw more seeds within a few minutes of adding them.

CyberGhost staff regularly test these servers to ensure they work flawlessly, so you don’t have to struggle to pick the right option. It’s easy to choose the best server as you can sort the servers by distance — connecting to my nearest server was always the fastest choice. Unique to ExpressVPN, all servers feature obfuscation that hides your VPN use. Surprisingly, this obfuscation doesn’t slow your connection — I ran multiple speed tests and found ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN on the market. Even when using servers 15,000km away, ExpressVPN was fast enough for smooth, uninterrupted torrenting.

VPN is the safest method because it hides your true IP, thus your entire Internet connection. When you connect to a third-party VPN, you create a tunnel from your computer to the VPN server. The tunnel bypasses anything on the way, such as hackers, ISP monitors, etc. A popular VPN supporting P2P connections isOpenVPN.

Right-click on the file and select Properties from the menu. Under Virus & threat protection settings, select Manage settings, and then under Exclusions, select Add or remove exclusions. OK, those are all the tricks I’d like to share with you to speed up uTorrent, not only for downloading but also for uploading. Lots of signals within the WiFi area will influence the connection of wifi.

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