24 golf things to add to your bucket list

We all know that life can be short, it seems that we are so busy in our lives that sometimes we forget to go after what we truly want. In most cases we usually have a bucket list of golf courses to play and things to do in our lifetime. I created this post to share a few more things to add to that bucket list and truly experience the amazing game we call golf.

After reading this post you will:

Discover new and amazing things to add to your golf bucket list

Identify what you really want to do

  1. Make an effort to score well

Really try to focus during your round and figure out how you can score really well. I have seen golfers start their round very well and when the sudden bogey happens their game collapses. Golf is all about consistency if you can see your mistakes during your round, you will be able to identify your flaws and improve on them.

  1. Donate your clubs

Golf clubs are expensive not everyone gets a chance to play golf because of the high cost of the equipment. Consider donating a set you no longer use to a local first tee. This helps encourage golf for the younger generation. Keep golf alive and donate your clubs to help those in need.

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  1. Caddie

Caddie at a golf club or for your son or daughter, but there is nothing like the experience of being on the bag for someone and helping them throughout their round.

  1. Attend a U.S. Amatuer Championship

These golfers represent us amateurs, it is an amazing experience to get to go see how amazing these people can play. This year it will take place at the Riviera Country Club.

  1. Spend less than 3 hours

Play your round in less time, some like to call it speed golf. It’s a totally different game helps you move along fast and hey you just might be able to get in a few extra holes.

  1. Educate yourself on the rules 

Be a wise golfer, and consider studying these rules carefully. Who knows one day you will have to make a major decision based off one of these rules. Make sure you know them!

  1. Attend a golf outing

From personal experience these are some of the most fun things you can do in golf. Grab a few buddies some beers and a full day of golf and you will have a great time. Best of all you get to enjoy some good food at the end of your round. If you have a good team you can end up winning the outing which can be an awesome accomplishment. Attending a golf outing at least once can make golf so much more fun.

  1. Change a part of your swing

One new improvement or change in your swing can lead to an amazing discovery you never knew you had. So try to change at least one part of your swing.

  1. Watch Caddyshack

The 1980 classic influenced a lot of golf related jokes you hear on the course. I am sure you can take away many laughs and a new golf jokes.

Dozens of quotable lines keep getting recycled for generation next.


Watch Caddyshack here

  1. Play a Scramble

Grab your best buddies and head over to the course to play a scramble. for those  it you the and all of the players play from that spot.  what makes the scrambles so fun is that you only need one  amazing player to carry the team and a few guys that can make some putts. Combine that and you will have an amazing time.

  1. Compete against a friend

Ask your golf buddy to compete against you, you would be surprised how serious and focused you can get when competing with other golfers. This is a major thing to do before they die.

  1. Trust yourself

Have trust in yourself and take that risky shot over the hazard. Trusting your self-develops better confidence on the course. In return, it can help you score better.

  1. Practice your swing

Yes actually practice your swing before heading to the course. I see typical golfers dont do this enough, if you want better results practice at least 3 times a week to improve your game.

  1. Play the Old Course at St. Andrews

This is the birthplace of golf a true classic golf club full of history. Such an important golf course it has become a tradition to visit this club it is unlike anything you’ve ever played. You can read more history about it in my article on the top golf courses in the UK.

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  1. Play TPC Sawgrass

Known for its signature 17th Hole TPC Sawgrass is one of the most iconic golf courses in the world. Although it can be a difficult course the architecture and the landscape is amazing.

No wonder so many people each year go visit Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida to play this course. You should do the same as it will leave you with an amazing experience that you can talk about for years to come.

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  1. Play with only 3 clubs in your bag.

Pick your favorite 3 clubs throw them in the bag and start your round.

This will test your golf game using these three clubs and you will be surprised how different golf can be with only these amount of Clubs.

  1. Play without looking at the yardage

Do you really want to test your golf skills? Use your judgment to measure distances play without looking at a single sprinkler head or using a GPS device. I think this makes golf fun because it becomes a guessing game about choosing the right club and how close you can stick it to the flag.

I actually had a chance to play a club that did not have any sprinkler heads the distances were measured with a bush 150 yards out.  this testing my ability to play and it made it much more fun

  1. Go to a topgolf 

This is the newest trend in the golf space. Top golf makes a driving range much more fun by providing an entertaining experience. Looks very fun!

21. Introduce someone to golf

Introduces a friend to the beautiful game of the game. They might be discouraged at first but after a few rounds, they will love it!

22. Play golf at night!

Yes you can actually play golf at night thanks to glow in the dark golf balls 

this but far is one of the best golf experiences out there because of its tests your ability to see the course and test your eye and hand coordination.

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23. Play a course on the Top 100 US greatest golf courses

Make it a goal of yours to play one of the courses. Once you step foot on one you will see why they make this list. If you read my article when I got the chance to play Friars Head you will see why. The courses are immaculate, combine that will gorgeous views and amazing course architecture. It’s worth playing one of these on the list.

24. Attend at least one major 

There are 3 majors in the U.S. and 1 in the UK. Attending one of these is an amazing experience because they only happen a few times a year. Best of all you get to see the top golfers performing right before your eyes.

Final word

Like the list? Have any other suggestions to do before you die? Please leave your comment below and be sure to cross off a few things off this list.

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