Best Odyssey Putters of 2022

As you see the new putters have taken a new look! The new biggest difference about these new O-works putters is the micro hinge insert, which creates a better roll,  counterweights on the sole, and lastly the black and white finish on the face which helps with alignment.

The Odyssey o-works versa is the new 2022 model that features a new micro hinge technology insert, that allows incredible top spin and roll at impact.

Micro hinge technology insert

The recent advanced technology is only found with Odyssey as of right now.

The micro hinge is like a spring when it makes contact with the ball, it flings the ball off the face creating more topspin and better roll.

You have to see it in action!

micro hinge face insert


It does not matter at which angle you make the putt, the small hinges all over the face will catch the ball and project more topspin.

You will see a much better roll consistently with the O-works models.

High contrast alignment technology

All of the O-works putters come with high contrast paint and design on the face.

This lets you align your putts much better and prevent glare from the sun.

It combines white, black and red to create a nice alignment and look.

Odyssey O-Works alignment

Superstroke grip

All of the O-works putters include a super stroke grip that prevents you from breaking your wrists while putting.

This grip will allow you to make a better stroke on your putts, if you struggle keeping the face square.

You want to try it out for yourself and see if this grip will work for you!

Odyssey O-Works grip

Counterbalance technology

These putters also feature counterbalance technology on the sole that allows more consistent feel and stroke due to the weight.

About 60% of golfers said that after using O-works counterbalance technology noticed a more consistent ball path.

The heavier weight prevents hands from moving suddenly.

While encouraging movement in arms, shoulders, and back, creating a more pendulum stroke.

Avoiding you from breaking using your wrists at impact.

Overall this is a great putter that you will notice  the new feel, weight, and the wonderful grip.

All meaning a better chance for you to make more putts!


  • Smooth roll with micro hinge insert
  • Versa design
  • 3 dot design, makes it easy to align to the hole
  • Includes Super stroke grip
  • Counterbalance technology


  • May be a heavy for some golfers

Odyssey O-Works Versa 2-Ball Mallet 

 My personal favorite on this list is the 2 ball mallet putter.

It is a classic putter in which I have personally sunk a lot of putts!

o works 2 ball putter

My personal favorite on this list is the 2 ball mallet putter. It is a classic putter in which I have personally sunk a lot of putts!

This does not guarantee you will, but the feel and alignment with this putter are really amazing.

The big take away with the 2 ball O-works is you are getting the micro hinge insert to create a better roll for your putts.

Along with counter balance technology, weights, and super stroke grip.

Odyssey O-Works # 1 Blade

Super low profile, blade putter with 2 counterbalance weight on the sole.

That new insert is highly noticeable on all the O-works models.

The white, black and red accents make it super easy to align your putts.

Here we have the 2022 o-works #1 blade putter, which is the blade in the o-works lineup.

If you prefer a much lighter putter and don’t like the mallets, consider the blade.

One of the biggest takeaways with this blade putter is that new hinge insert as well as the other features the O-works models come with, counter balance weightsuper stroke slim grip.

I really do like the matt black finish on the face, lets me get the right alignment without the sun messing up my line.


  • Smooth roll with micro hinge insert
  • Blade design
  • Easy alignment
  • Includes Super stroke grip
  • Counterbalance technology


  • May not be for every golfer

Odyssey O-Works Versa # 9 Blade 

The last O-works putter on the best Odyssey putter 2022 list is the O-works Versa #9 now this is another very popular putter because of the style and feel.

The Versa #9 is a combination of a mallet and blade.

It takes the best from those styles to combine into one amazing putter!

What makes this so great is it gives you more weight, a better alignment and having the similar feel to a blade putter.

With the O-works model, it does feature the micro hinge insert to create topspin and a better roll.

As well as a nice contrast alignment in white, red, and black.

A nice bonus is the super stroke grip that many golfers have mentioned help them shed strokes off their game by having a better putting stroke.

It’s worth checking out if you are a fan of a blade and looking for a similar but different feel.

And vise versa if you are a mallet user consider the Versa #9 to give you a new feel and get the best of a half mallet half blade putter.


  • Smooth roll with micro hinge insert
  • Half blade, half mallet design
  • Easy alignment
  • Includes Super stroke grip
  • Counterbalance technology


  • May not be for every golfer

 Odyssey White Hot Vline Fang 

Nice alignment, with the small 2 ball.

Released back in 2016 the V-Line Fang has been a popular model for Odyssey.

It uses white hot technology insert differently from the O-works which has a much softer feel. Although it’s not the latest and greatest it’s still worth checking out.

The white hot models do include the super stroke grip as a stock option.

Odyssey claims the polyurethane insert will create a better roll for your putts.

The increased friction caused by the insert makes sure the ball gets rolling fast and more consistent than other putters.

Golfers have described this putter having a soft feel once you make contact with the ball.

It is a well-balanced putter that has many perks such us insert technology, good alignment, super stroke grip good weight to it making it a well-balanced putter.

 Odyssey White Hot RX 2 

Here is the very popular white hot RX 2. This putter has a much lighter feel than the mallets.

It also has the polyurethane insert that creates a softer and better roll putts.

Made for the golfer who likes blades over mallets.

You will get a much nicer alignment while looking down on the ball.

With the classic 1 line alignment.

It was Golf Digest 2022 Hot list Gold Medal winner!

It does include standard grip, no super stroke with this one


  • White hot polyurethan insert creates better roll
  • Blade design
  • Easy alignment
  • Stock grip
  • Golf Digest 2017 hot list winner


  • May not be for every golfer
  • No superstroke grip

 Odyssey White Hot RX 2ball

The black line in between the 2 ball, makes it easy to line up to the hole.

The final White hot putter to be featured in this list is the White Hot 2 Ball RX.

Looking down on the ball the design features a black line in between the 2 balls.

This gives a great look and makes it very easy to line up.

The white hot insert gives you a soft touch when it makes an impact off the ball.

Make making a stroke on the ball, it comes off as a soft feel.

The insert on these white hot putters gets the ball rolling smoother and has a great soft feel.

You have multiple grip options you can choose standard grip or go with the super stroke grip, and some golfers say that it gives them more control.

Its definitely worth taking a look if you’re a big fan of a mallet putter or enjoy using the 2 ball design.


  • White hot polyurethan insert creates better roll
  • 2 ball design
  • Black line makes it super easy to align putts
  • Different grip options


  • May be a bit heavy for some golfers

 Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter 

The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 #1 is the new and improved #1, gives a soft feel off the face and built for all blade fans.
It is and older Odyssey look and feels, with a basic insert, design, and alignment.

This model includes a regular stock odyssey grip.

If you like simple putters without the latest technology, but still want a well balanced putter this may be the one for you.


  • White hot polyurethan insert creates better roll
  • Blade design
  • Easy alignment
  • Stock Odyssey grip


  • Old school look feel may not be for everyone

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie 

Another classic putter that made this list is the Odyssey Hot Pro- Rossie is one of the first Odyssey models released decades ago.

I included this on the list because it is still a very popular putter, that will remain timeless due to its simple design and super low price.

Some golfers prefer to not change putters often, and I can see why.

When you have a putter that is working out well for you what is the sense of changing it?

The Rossie is a putter for the golfer who needs something basic that will get the job done.

Which is to make more putts!

rossie putter alignment

With this alignment, the 3 lines on the front and 2 on the back is going to help you not only to address the hole correctly.

But if you are a golf who brings their hands down lower or higher than the desired position for alignment, you will instantly notice this change.

Correcting your putting stance and alignment to the hole.


  • White hot polyurethane insert creates better roll
  • Mallet design
  • Easy alignment to the hole and will adjust your putting stance
  • includes Odyssey Stock grip


  • Old school look may not be for everyone

championships using Odyssey.

Every year they continue to innovate and it is shown in they products, as they have become one of the dominate putter companies in the world.

As we are in the first months of 2022,  I decided to take a look at some of the best Odyssey putters that you can currently purchase.

But I also wanted to take a look at the latest technology they are using with their equipment to see if it’s worth it.

Final Word

There are many different Odyssey putters that you can choose in 2017. With this post, I hope I it made it much easier for you to find an Odyssey putter that is right for you.

Like I always mention it is best to purchase one of these putters for yourself, test it out on the course.

If you like GREAT throw it in your bag, but if not you can always return the item for a full refund.

I hoped you enjoyed this list.

Leave a comment down below on your favorite Odyssey putter is so far in 2022!

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