About Me

Hey everyone my name is Raf and I am from NY and I have been a golfer since the age of 5 and a caddy since the age of 13. I know the game well and play to about a 9 handicap.

I have played golf pretty much my entire life. Through high school, and even got to play golf at a collegiate level.

After going from a beginner to an advanced golfer and going through all sorts of golf equipment, I found out that there was no online blog where I could go learn about the best equipment out there.

When I was just starting out on my golf journey, many times I would purchase a new set of golf clubs and it would not be what I was looking for.

So this is why I created Golfreviewer.net, the aim was to help educate beginner and intermediate golfers about all the benefits of using the latest golf equipment with in-depth reviews.

Why trust me with golf club and equipment reviews?

I have many years of experience playing and on the bag as a caddy for all kinds of golfers.

Used many different clubs, and brands throughout the years.

I started out using affordable regular easy to hit golf clubs, and moved my way up to expensive equipment.

I only write reviews on products that will help benefit my readers.

Read my blog to stay on top of real golf equipment reviews from an experienced golfer.

golf reviewer- about me

Here I am caddying on a hot day.