Best sunglasses for golf- Reviews and buying guide

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0

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Oakley Half Jacket 2.0

When it comes to the most established brand associated with performance sports eyewear

Oakley has been producing top quality products for decades. Backed by their lifetime warranty on lenses and their futuristic, cutting edge lens and frame designs,

Backed by their lifetime warranty on lenses and their futuristic, cutting edge lens and frame designs, Oakley has set themselves apart with their range of performance sports equipment sunglasses.

Featuring polarized lenses, a must for cutting out the sun’s harsh glare over the dam or lake on those tricky water shots, or tracking the ball against the sky on long drives, The Oakley Half jacket 2.0 features ergonomic frame design that cuts out wind and fits securely to the sides of your temple with rubberized arms. There isn’t too much to be said on the cons of these sunglasses except that we wish they came with interchangeable lenses for varying conditions as a standard feature

The perfect companion for those clear, sunny days, these half jackets will keep your eyes protected and your vision enhanced with Oakley’s advanced lens technology. A great buy proceed on the higher side of the range, they are well worth the investment and suitable for players of all ages and discerning fashion tastes making them a very versatile fashion accessory that look as good off the course at the clubhouse, as they do when you are focusing on the pin at the back nine.


  • Composite Frame
  • Polarized lenses
  • 100& UV protection
  • All day comfort
  • Interchangeable lens


  • A bit pricey

Honorable Mention

Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses 

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Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

The Duduma Polarized sunglasses provide everything a golfer needs in a pair of shades. Overall you will get

Overall you will get comfortable lenses that will keep your eyes protected as well as block any glare while you are on the course.

You have to check these out! They include case as well to protect them when to move around.


  • A unique design that is lightweight and has good ventilation
  • An Unbreakable frame
  • Polarized lens to avoid glare
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Great affordable price


  • May not be a perfect fit for all golfers
  • Made from low-quality materials

What other people are saying…

Very Nice Image result for 5 stars amazon

“Nice quality, surprising for the price in a good way. My son loves them. Came with a hard and soft case also.” 

-Amazon Customer

Love these sunglasses Image result for 5 stars amazon

“Love these sun glasses, took a while going through a lot of reviews on a lot of sun glasses and these are the ones I decided to try. W

Wow glad I did they fit great, no slipping and no soreness from wearing them.”  


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Oakley GasCan

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Oakley GasCan

Another great product from the Oakley stable which makes Oakley best sunglasses 2022 contender are  the  Oakley GasCan.

Designed for full eye protection, the GasCan has a large frame to protect the entire eye area from the wind, rain and dangerous UV.

Built with patented Plutonite polycarbonate lenses that have been tested on golf courses all around the world, these sunglasses offer an affordable level of eye protection on a cloudy or overcast day and offer great visibility in low-light conditions due to Oakley’s patented lens technology that enhances the light spectrum on a cloudy day while dampening out dangerous UV.

We would recommend them as a great entry-level piece of equipment and suitable for the younger player due to their design that just screams of youth and vigor. The drawback of these GasCans is that they are not offered with polarized lenses and therefore would not be the first choice for someone looking to play is clear, sunny conditions where a polarized variant, such as the Half Jacket 2.0 as mentioned above.


  • 100% UV protection
  • Extremely durable
  • Great fit
  • polarized lens remove glare
  • Made in USA


  • May not fit all faces

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Nike Golf X2 Sunglasses

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Nike Golf X2 Sunglasses

In the quest for the best multipurpose sports sunglasses, Nike has developed the X2 model.

The X2 Sunglasses features an ergonomic frame that molds to your face with its sensitive arms positioning the frame perfectly on your face, offering a level of comfort giving them a very light feel to wearing them.

The X2— have embraced the black theme which can be found on the frame and in the lens. The lenses are manufacturers from tough poly carbonate and have a dark tinge to them. This all adds up to enhanced visibility in low-light conditions, enabling you to track the ball against the clouds, while still managing to keep off the UV and other harmful rays from the sun.

Nike has not been renowned for their success of sunglasses in the past, but with the X2, we feel they have taken a giant leap in the right direction offering great performance and visual enhancement in an affordable package that doesn’t break the budget. Best suited for those days when the clouds are high ahead or misty morning tee-offs.


  • Lightweight Nylon Frame
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • All day comfort
  • Dark tint amplifies white golf ball


  • A bit pricey

JiMarti TR15 Falcon Sunglasses

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JiMarti TR15 Falcon Sunglasses

What I like about the JiMarti TR15 sunglasses is that they are made of high-quality materials.

The lenses are labeled as shatterproof! You can feel that they are super lightweight, they won’t fall off your head easily or while you swing.

The orange tint works well on golf courses letting you see the course depth.

These are a cheaper alternative to expensive golf  glasses.

But dont expect some cheap glasses they do a great job at providing good visuals as well as protecting you from them sun.


  • Super light weight at .60 of an ounce
  • Unbreakable
  • Wraparound protection
  • 100% UV protection
  • Orange tint


  • May fit snug against eyebrows

Under Armour Igniter

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Under Armour Igniter

Under Armor is a brand that is starting to make waves in the realm of performance sports sunglasses.

Their recent releases excel in the areas of frame design and lens technology that can rival the technology used by the established powerhouses such as Oakley and Ray-Ban.

With the Igniter model, they have found a real winner, the frame is wide and light, offering near total elimination from external sunlight, with the open frame underneath the lens looking reminiscent of the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 we mentioned earlier.

Under Amour did a great job at creating these to offer this model in a non polarized variant,you will be able to see all the details on the course course/ they are still good quality lenses for use on sunny days and well-lit conditions, overall a great piece of eye wear for your golf game


  • Non-polarized lens great for golf
  • 100% UV protection
  • Soft case included
  • Adjustable nose pad
  • Very affordable
  • super lightweight all day comfort


  • Non interchangeable lenses

Oakley Mens Latch Sunglasses

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Under Armour Igniter

Under Armor is a brand that is starting to make waves in the realm of performance sports sunglasses.

The Oakley Latch Prizim glasses are designed exactly for golfers, they feature prizm lenses which improve color contrast and depth. Allowing you to read the golf course terrain better than other typical glasses. They change during the day and sunlight to ensure the highest quality of color and contrast.

The wrap around design will keep the sunlight out of the corner of your eyes so you are not blind by the sun.

These Prizm lenses are interchangeable, so you can also change them if you are using them in for different purposes. These are nonpolarized you might see a glare, but they allow you to see the different depth of the green and slope.

You may have seen several PGA tour professionals such as Adam Scott, Zach Johnson, and Bubba Watson wear these.  They are super high-quality sunglasses that the pros trust. Oakley continues to outperform the competition in the sunglasses area for golf. Thus why so many golf professionals continue to trust the brand.

Adam Scott wearing the Oakley latch with prizim lenses

I can remember the time when I never wore glasses on the golf course. It was a few years ago and I always remembered squinting all the time when the sun was strong. It hindered my ability to see clearly and have a bad golfing experience.

But my belief was always that glasses would affect my swing and ability to see well. It was until a friend pointed it out that I was squinting all the time and told me about the power of the sun and how it can strain your eyes. Especially since I have green eyes,

Especially since I have green eyes, lighter eyes need more protection from that bright sun.

Since it was a health issue I took action and started to wear sunglasses on those bright days. I now always have a pair of shades in my bag ready to be used on the course.

After using sunglasses on the course I no longer was worried about sun damage to my eyes, I actually have better vision on the course to read putts very clear and the sunglasses I use are extremely comfortable the entire round.

Things to consider when purchasing golf sunglasses

The right golf eyewear can have a tremendous impact on your golf. So much of the game depends on the visual connection you have to your equipment, the ball, and the surroundings.

You want your vision to be enhanced and aligned with the right spectrum of light in order to take in everything that is unfolding around you.

All sunglasses are not created equal and selecting the right pair for you should be a balance between performancefunctionality, and design coming together in a pair of sunglasses that enhance your golf game while staying fashionable and functional.

Protecting your eyes from the Sun

If you live the southern US in the states of California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida you should be more be more concerned about the higher UV.

In these areas, there is an average of 200 days that get a significant amount of sunlight, in it important to protect your eyes from the sun by using sunglasses for the majority of your golf round.

Some facts about UV safety:

1. Fit

Your golf sunglasses should fit you perfectly ensuring that no sunlight reaches your eyes. There should not be anything obscuring your view or hinder your ability to swing. Make sure that there are no large gaps between the side of your head and the glasses if there are gaps this is a sign that the glasses are too big.

If the opposite happens where there is pressure on the side of your head, the golf sunglasses are way too tight.  You should look for a bigger size to prevent headaches.

Golf sunglasses should be a bit tight fit around your head so they remain intact when you make a swing, but you will definitely be able to tell if they are too tight.

2. UV Protection

ALWAYS get sunglasses with 100% UV protection from UVA/UVB rays!  Without UV protection the glasses are useless.

Before buying make sure to look what is the percentage the higher the percentage the more they block out all the harmful rays.

I cannot express how important this is when you use sunglasses in the sun, I have actually seen glasses that only cover 40% of UV rays, those glasses are pretty much worthless because they are not shielding your eyes from the power sun rays.

Maximum protection from UV rays

If you are looking to get extra protection look at golf sunglasses that feature extended top brow, and wraparound design.

Extended top brow

Having an extended top brow covers the upper portion of your eyes. You might think that regular glasses do that but NO, they sometimes don’t completely cover your entire area of your face.

It is recommended that you find a pair of sunglasses that has an extended top brow about the glasses.

Wraparound Design

Traditional sunglasses do not extend to the sides of your face. This means that you are not protected on the side of your face from the sun.

If you take a look at traditional glasses they only cover the front of your eyes, not the sides.

With Wraparound design, the glasses cover the side of your eyes ensuring extra protection from the sun.

3. Lenses

Polarized vs Non-Polarized

 Polarized lenses are designed to reduce glare from surfaces such as water, snow, and glass. Glare distorts the true color of objects and makes them harder to distinguish. Polarized sunglasses are useful for golf as the help you to see more clearly and avoid potential hazards. Polarized lenses are designed specifically to block the glare from reflected light while NON-POLARIZED lenses only block intense light.

For golf, it is preferred to use a non-polarized lens to be able to see more depth and slopes of the green.

But wearing polarized or nonpolarized lenses is totally up to you when you are out on the course. Only you can decide which one you prefer, most golfers tend to choose non-polarized so they can see a much more natural look on the golf course.

Lens Color

Darker colors provide higher levels of polarization. Copper, Brown, or Dark Amber color lenses are best for golf as they improve contrast on grass and against clear blue skies.

4. Style

Looking good while protecting your eyes is definitely an added bonus – the primary aspect you are focused on should be the actual sun protection and fit.

Here are the various styles you will see in sports sunglasses:

It is best to choose your preferred style of glasses. Each different style has its pros and cons, different weight and protection from the sun.

Look for the one that is right for you.

This was the inspiration behind this article, to find the best golf sunglasses that add to your golf game with a visual enhancement to both your skill set and your wardrobe. These are some of the best golf sunglasses of 2017 in no particular order.

The final word

To choose one set of these glasses as your go to for any golf game in any conditions would be a tough decision to make.

We recommend different sunglasses by fitUV protectionlenses and style should determine your decision. But it is ultimately up to your personal preference to which you prefer.

It is best to try out some of the models we included.

The good news is that purchasing one of these sunglasses will definitely improve your visual performance and is well worth the investment, don’t you think?

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