Bombtech Grenade 2 Review: What you need to know

In-depth review of the Bombtech Grenade 2

bombtech golf grenade 2 review

What we all want as golfers off the tee is distance and accuracy right?

But we all know how expensive a new driver can be.

And with each year golf companies seem to just continue to release new models that are slightly better than the last.

But who wants to continue to pay premium prices for slight changes in equipment?

This is where Bombtech golf comes in.

They are an online based golf equipment company that creates high quality, affordable golf equipment.

Since Bombtech golf equipment are not sold in stores, it allows them to be significantly less expensive than the competition.

A HUGE win for us golfers on a budget.

The newest club to be released is the Bombtech Grenade 2 driver

What to expect with this driver

bombtech grenade 2 review

BombTech’s goal with this driver was to help you increase your distance, and bomb it off the tee.

The major upgrade you will notice with this driver is the dual cavity design created to be more aerodynamic giving you a faster clubhead speed.

The lofts are available in 9 and 10.5 degrees with shaft options senior regular, stiff and extra stiff.


The titanium head feels and looks great, but the sound it gives off when hit can be quite loud.

Even though it is loud it still feels great when the ball explodes off the face.


While Bombtech claims that you will get more distance, it may be true but not for all golfers.

When compared with other Drivers like the Titleist D17, or the Taylormade M2 the bombtech grenade does produce similar results at a fraction of the cost.

To me, it’s a great option if you are looking for an alternative driver at a much cheaper cost.

So who is this driver for?

The main golfer that would benefit using the bombtech grenade 2 is mid to high handicap golfers, who need more distance and a higher ball flight.

The Grenade 2.0 is great for the person who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a driver, wants something that draws attention and stands out, and has great distance.

Who is this not for?

An advanced golfer who demands adjustability and prefers traditional golf brands that have been around for years.

Bombtech is a small brand at the moment but it is growing quickly with popularity online.

What new features will I get in with the Grenade 2?

When we have made an assessment of the second-generation Grenade 2, we have observed how it is different from the first version.

  • Color combinations– For the older model, you can get a touch of dark steel tint in the structure. But, the latest driver design provides you with silver face. This is the difference only in the look of two golf drivers.
  • Better aerodynamics in Grenade 2– This is the most important improvement that you may see with the newer product. Its aerodynamics is almost fifty percent more improved than that of the first model. The design of aerodynamics is intended to disperse the flow of air as well as to have a control over the drag.


Club Head Specs

Bombtech grenade 2 review

Face Material: Ti-1188 Hardened Titanium
Head Weight: 199 grams
Face Angle: 1 closed
Size: 450cc
Lie 59
Dexterity: RH Only

Club Shaft Specs

Bombtech Grenade 2 Shaft


Driver Length: 45.75”
Launch: Mid-High
Torque 3.8
Kick: Mid
Weight: Senior 50g, Regular 52g, Stiff 54g, X-Stiff 56g

What have others said about this diver?

Many golfers, who have already tested Bombtech Grenade 2, have compared it to Taylormade’s R1 model. However, lots of users have also expressed their experience with the cavities of Grenade 2 drivers. They have found it to be exceptional in design.

The customers have observed the major difference in the off-center hits.

However, they do not strike at the central part all the time. The only negative thing that they have realized is the loss of distance.

But, still, Grenade is efficient at providing you with the consistent and reliable feel.

The golfers have realized that this two-piece club head is really better in performance than that of a four-piece model.


  • Excellent quality, durable design
  • Simple, appealing look with flashy finish


  • Only available online
  • Nonadjustable loft

Over to you

Now that you know more about the Bombtech Grenade 2 will you try it out?

You can visit Bombtech website to learn more.

I recommend you test this driver out for yourself to get a good feel and see how it compares to your current driver.

At only $297 it is a relatively low cost to what you are getting with driver.

Bombtech is known to throw some good deals when you buy one club, you can actually get this grenade 2 driver with a free 3 wood.

Bombtech definitely over delivers and stands by their products with a 60-day guarantee.



Bombtech Grenade 2 ReviewOverall a great driver for beginner to intermediate players. This driver will produce results similar to more expensive drivers. With the grenade 2 you are getting great distance and feel for a low cost.


  • Excellent quality
  • Dual cavity back helps increase distance
  • Affordable
  • Good feel
  • 60-day Guarantee


  • Noise may be loud
  • Non adjustable head

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