Congrats Danny Willet what’s in your bag though

After having watched Danny Willett make the breakthrough win at the Masters I was questioning  what was in his bag. Well I wanted to take a deeper look at what he was using that gave him amazing results . I know  its not all about the clubs but having looked at what he was working with gives us the picture of the new technologies out there. I was very surprise looking at he plays with callaway I was expecting him to be a titleist guy.

Driver: Callaway XR16 (Mitsubishi Diamana White 60x), 9 degrees

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Callaway XR16 (Mitsubishi Diamana White 60x), 9 degrees

Extremely forgiving, and one of the most aerodynamic club heads in the market.

you get a very minor increase in club head speed. Which translates into longer distance.

Im going to be honest but I am not a callaway guy and never have been but doing more research into this product it brings new technologies.

which can help boost your golf game.

If you take a look at the shaft it’s specifically catered to his specs. I always recommend for anyone to get fitted for shafts not just the club.

This is a common problem i see in golfers. Unless you’re hitting the ball straight as arrow I recommend to get fitted for shafts no just for drivers.

In this day in age there is so much technology to track your stats. Take advantage of it.

3-wood-Callaway XR16, 15 degrees

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3-wood-Callaway XR16, 15 degrees

Using a familiar club the same technology applies to the 3-wood. Increased aerodynamics for faster club head speed.

5-wood: Callaway XR16, 19 degrees

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5-wood: Callaway XR16, 19 degrees

Same technology with driver and 3-wood Danny is familiar to the club and understands the feel.

Irons 2,4-Callaway Apex UT 5-9 –Callaway Apex Pro PW- Callaway Mack Daddy 2 S Grind

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Irons 2,4-Callaway Apex UT 5-9 –Callaway Apex Pro PW- Callaway Mack Daddy 2 S Grind

In the bag is the 2 iron! I dont understand why he carries this because he has a 5-wood they typically go the same distance.

His irons ar not the lastest they are from 2015. His irons have been in the bag for a while and I dont see him changing.

It is a forgiving club exclusively made for low handicap players, it has weight on the sole for high trajectory.

These go long!

Wedges: Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind (54, 58 degrees)

Putter: Odyssey Versa #1 Wide White/Black/White

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Odyssey Versa #1 Wide White/Black/White

Familiar putter he has carried for a long time.


Overall Danny carries new technology for his driver and woods and plays older clubs for his irons wedges and putter.

He recently added the driver to the bag that hes said has help him.

He has chosen clubs hes familiar with and he likes to keep older clubs. Nothing wrong with that.

This is a good move for Danny because he has been consistent not changing his swing or his clubs.

This is the main reason he was successful at the masters. Was he was familiar and confident with his clubs.

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