Craftsman Golf USA Head cover review

There is nothing more important than keeping you clubs safe.
After all you want you clubs to last long and stay in the best shape.

But when it comes to head covers most of them are plain and lack creativity.

This is where Craftsman Golf comes in…

Our good friends at Craftsman golf we generous enough to send these headcovers for me to review with you guys.

Now I am not a big fan of not using non original head covers on my clubs, but after using these it kept my clubs safe as well as give it its own unique style, which is a great perk.

About Craftsman Golf


The Company started in 2012 by David Johnson a passionate golfer who enjoyed creating headcovers for his clubs.

Since then they have gone on to be a global brand know for their unique and custom designs.

They stand behind their high quality and superior craftsmanship with their head covers.

What makes Craftsman golf unique is their  variety of designs an color options to choose from.

No more boring plain single color head covers.



They make head covers based on your own personal style you like.

You can even get your own custom head covers. Very cool!

Craftsman Golf USA Head covers

Driver head cover


This will fit most Driver heads up to 460cc, it does not fit too tight which I really like so I am not on the tee box spending 5 mins pulling the head cover off.

The head cover is easy to remove with the strap on the top.

The only flaw I noticed with the driver head cover was the length is kind of short, it would be nice if the cover was longer and protected the shaft.

Still a great piece to have on your bag with the red, white and blue.



Synthetic leather all around the top and sides.

Underneath is a stretching fabric that fits over the driver.

Also underneath is soft padding to make sure your club dont get scratched or damaged

Why you should consider this head cover

Overall I think it makes a great cover for your driver. It will keep your club protected.

This cover will also make you bag stand out to show your pride for the USA.

You can get this driver head cover here.

3- Wood Headcover

The 3 wood is also very similar to the driver cover but a bit smaller of course, this fit my Titleist D15 fairway wood perfectly.

It is a snug fit and feels like it wont come off.

The only negative thing about this cove is I will the cover would come down more on the shaft. The cover lifts forward on occasion and if it had a long neck it would stay upright.

This headcover does include a wheel to change the number if you wish to use a different fairway wood.

But overall good quality head cover that can fit most 3 woods.


Hybrid Headcover


Very similar to the previous covers the hybrid cover is much small to fit your hybrid clubs, I use a Titleist 913 hybrid and it fits just fine, its stays on well and looks great.

I do think that this will fit most hybrids do to the design.

Materials look good and the synthetic leather will protect your clubs well.

The final feature this hybrid head cover has is the spin wheel that lets you select whether it is a 3 or 4 hybrid.

Great addition to the headcover.


The stars and stripes really stand out. Great touch!


As you can see the top strap makes it easy to pull the head cover off your club fast, it just slides off.

You wont have to worry about being a tight fit.

It slips on just as fast. Really like the hybrid head cover currently use it on my Titleist 913 hybrid.

Final thoughts about Craftsman golf headcovers

I think these headcovers do a great job at keeping my clubs safe from any scratches and dents.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary these headcovers might be just for you.

You can learn more about Craftsman golf here.

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