Golfboard review: A new way to experience golf

Golf is unlike any other sport. Your are fighting two battles. You actual golf game itself, but you must battle your way through the course. Walking up and down hills this is what makes golf unique.

But people realized it can be too time-consuming, and tiring. Therefore the golf cart was invented in the 1950s to speed up play for players to enjoy playing more golf. As golf continues to evolve so does the way we move around the course.

Introducing the Golfboard a fun way to move around the golf course. This is the biggest breakthrough for golf for any age. Golfboard makes it fun and fast as you make it around the course.

Check this video about the Golfboard

Some of you are asking why do I need this?

Here are some benefits

  • No more driving on cart paths
  • 70% less damage to grass
  • Faster play
  • New way to experience the golf course 

The golfboard is a true innovation that completely changes the way you golf. Instead of driving on cart paths your entire round you are able to take the board almost anywhere.

70% less damage to grass means it is safer to use that golf carts.

Probably the best feature is that golfboard will boost play. Your looking at 3 hour rounds in a foursome. That is fast golf!

Finally the golfboard allows the golfer to experience the course in a new way, by managing the entire golf course without negatively effecting the grass.

I would recommend this for any golfer because it will improve how fast your play but also the entire golf experience.

Before you lease or buy one (starting at $6,500), find a course that has one to try it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Total Golf reviewer score of 8/10


  • Improve pace of play
  • New way to experience the game
  • Less damage to grass
  • Use it almost anywhere on the course!


  • Not all courses accept them
  • Heft price tag
  • Only one model available

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