Nike is leaving the golf industry

Its official Nike is leaving the golfing industry for now. What does this mean? Well no more Nike golf equipment or accessories. If you were a big fan of Nike golf you will have to keep your old clubs or buy what available left now.Due to Nike stock dropping 8% the company decided to pull away from golf equipment. But all the PGA Nike endorsed players will have to decide to go elsewhere or to continue using Nike old gear.Tiger Woods home is jam pack with companies sending him tons of equipment waiting for him to join their brand. The same story with Rory, he is also unclear to where his future equipment company will be.

Nike will continue to produce apparel and sneakers but no longer make golf clubs.

Another reason to why Nike decided to discontinue its golf equipment is that Tiger Woods their major sponsor has not had any action all season long. Tiger’s slump has not been good for Nike at all.

A similar issue with Rory Mcilroy he has not had a PGA tour win all season long.

Its a sad day for both the players and the fans. It was back in 1984 when Nike was first introduced to golf.

Back in 1996 at 21 years old Tiger Woods signed  a $40 Million dollar deal for 5 years.

Remember this famous commercial? We all drew inspiration from this.

Also remember this infamous club the Sasquatch. So many people back in 2007 had this club.

Sad to see Nike go. But thankfully their apparel and comfortable shoes will still be made.

With only 2% of Nike profit coming from golf it was the correct decision to discontinue producing clubs.

If you want to purchase your last Nike clubs do it now before they get sold out everywhere.

They will be definitely be collectibles and be remembered for many years to come.

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