The Best Golf Gifts: 10 Unique gift ideas this holiday season

Best golf gifts this holiday season

Are you looking this year to find an affordable golf gift for a friend or a loved one?

With so many golf products out there and misleading marketing no wonder it gets difficult to find something practical for the average golfer.

With this post I have done the research and found the most valuable golf gifts that you can purchase for  a low cost.

After taking a closer look at some of these products earlier in the year, the best in terms of quality and functionality made this list.

Let me help you this holiday season find the perfect gift for the golfer in your social circle or family.

The Club Glove Last Bag features heavy padding, lockable zippers, in line skate wheels, these are just some of the main features that makes this golf travel cover a great buy.

If you are an avid traveler and need to bring your clubs with you with Club Glove travel cover will get the job done.

A great bonus is a stiff arm and a lock to keep you clubs very protected.

I talk more about golf travel bags and why it’s important to choose the right one if you travel with your clubs. Read it here

Who is this for?

This Club Glove travel golf bag is ideal for the golfer who enjoys to travel and golf while on their trip.

This golf bag is also great for golfers who want to store their clubs and equipment and keep them away for the off season.
Who is it not for?

Not for golfers who dont have storage for this travel bag.

It’s quite a bulky bag it may be tough to store if you dont have the space for it.

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Buy Club Glove travel cover w/free stiff arm and Lock on Amazon here
Visit their website to learn more about Club Glove

PING Hoofer Bag



The Hoofer bag is a classic bag from Ping that has around forever.

Each year Ping stays ontop with their equipment improving it and making a well worth bag for all your equipment.

Some of the best features are 12 pockets to give you a good amount of room for all your clubs.

This bag only weighs 5 Lbs, includes a adjustable comfortable strap, water resistant pockets, 5 way reinforced top.

Everything you need to walk the course comfortably with all your gear. You got plenty of room for all your clubs.


Who is this for?

This Hoofer bag is great for golfers looking for a new durable bag. If you are a walker this bag is comfortable and lightweight, it will be easy to bring with you during your round.
Who is it not for?

This is not for golfers who prefer to play with a  cart.

It will not give you much room if you carry a lot of equipment in your bag.

This bag is made for golfers who walk and want to keep their bag lightweight.

Helpful Links:

Buy PING Hoofer Bag from Amazon Here
Visit their website to learn more about them

Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Push Cart

Clicgear is a well known for their push carts brand know for their quality equipment.

And all the accessories you can later add to it to fit your style.

Some of the main benefits about this push cart is it folds into a compact size, another great benefit is the full console that hold golf ball, your pencil and tees making it convenient to grab another ball write your score down and get ready for the next tee shot.

Who is this for?

Great for the avid golfer who enjoys walking the course and using a push cart.

You should choose this specific model because it is well know for its large amount of official accessories to customize your cart and fulfill your needs.

With this model you can add a seat to rest on, an extra large cup holder, cooler bag to store your drinks and snacks as well as a sand bottle to repair divots.

Many golfers also choose this push cart because of its easy transport and weight at only 18 pounds for effortless maneuvering.
Who is it not for?

Golfers who donot like to use pushcarts while golfing. Also this push cart is large and may defer those who dont like a very large push cart.

Helpful Links:
Buy the Cliecgear Push Cart on Amazon Here

Visit Clicegar website to learn more about them.

O-Works Versa # 7 Mallet

All golfers want a better roll with their putts, this new Odyssey O-works provides just that. The micro hinge insert is the new biggest improvement with these putters and many golfers are saying that this new technology helps them make more putts.

I talk more about the biggest innovation Odyssey released this year. Read it here.

Who is this for?

Makes a great golf gift for someone who needs to improve their putting. The o-works model feature a micro hinge insert that allows a golfer to make better smoother putts.

Who is it not for?

Not for golfers who prefer a lighter puter, but also who prefer other golf brands when it comes to putting.

Helpful Links:
Buy the O-Works Versa # 7 Mallet
Visit their website to learn more about Odyssey

Nothing better than knowing the exact yardage to the green or over a water hazard.
Feel more confident with the right club in your hand after measuring your distance with the Bushnell Tour V4.
These rangefinders are some of the best, they feel really durable and the accuracy is near perfect.
The vibrating feature when you hit the pin ensures more confidences knowing you hit the pin correctly.
I used many Bushnell Rangefinder over the years from the tournament versions to the Tour V3 and they have helped improved my game tremendously.
The Bushnell Tour V4 will make a great gift as all golfers need to have precise distances with many of our shots.

Who is this for?

This rangefinder is ideal for golfers who want to know exact yardages to the flag and hazards. It will help you make much better decisions knowing the exact yardages.
Who is it not for?

Not for golfers who prefer to have an estimate yardage and a fast way to get distances. They may prefer to use a GPS as it is quicker and gives estimates to the front middle and back of the green.

Helpful Links:

Buy the Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Rangefinder from Amazon Here

Visit their website to learn more about them


How about a full golf set with a bag?

This makes a great gift to someone new to golf and will help them get started with all the right clubs.

This set includes a Driver, 3-wood, 5 wood for long shots, 6-SW irons and also includes a putter.

Fantastic starter set for your money, giving all the clubs you need to hit the course.

 Who is this for?
This set is for teens and adults who are beginners looking to get into golf.
It provides all the clubs and the bag you need to get started
Who is this not for?
This is not for kids these clubs are standard length and are more suited for young teens and adults.
They best place to buy stanozolol are not recommended for the more advanced golfer.
Helpful links 
All golfers need a reliable golf ball that will perform well on the golf course.
The Callaway chrome soft is just that providing a great feel for golfers of all skill levels.
I actually reviewed this ball on my post Best Golf Balls of 2022 check it out here.
This makes a great gift for all golfers surprising them with one of the best golf ball of 2022!
Who is this for?
Great for golfers of all skill levels that need a high quality golf ball that performs well on the course.
Who is this not for?
Not for golfers who prefer higher quality golf ball like a Titleist Pro V1.
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Most spiked golf shoes can be uncomfortable that is where spikes less shoes come in.
These shoes are just as comfortable as a sneaker!
Great gift for someone who enjoys to walk the golf course as these are some of the most comfortable spike less golf shoes right now.

Who is this for?

 Great for golfers who prefer to play golf without spikes and are looking for shoe that will keeps its comfort for the entire duration of your round.

These feel very similar to an athletic shoe.

Who is this not for?
Not for golfers who want more stability with soft spikes.

Also these shoes are not fully waterproof only water resistant. You may want to look elsewhere for waterproof.

This is the latest driver to be released by Taylormade. They make some of the best drivers out there they are great for a beginner to advanced golfer.

It includes a new updated sleek design as well as some performance updates.

You can expect increased distances and great sound when hitting this driver.

Who is this for?

Golfers looking for the latest driver with the most recent technology that may help with an  increase distance. Great for beginner to advanced golfers because of its forgiveness off the tee.

Makes a great gift for someone in need for a NEW driver this new season.

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS

GPS ‘s are very helpful on the golf course. Using one will help increase your confidence knowing you have the accurate distance so your dialed in. The golf buddy is just that and very easy to use.

You can actually attach it as a watch with  your wrist, belt or your golf bag.

Who is this for?
Great for the golfer who needs to know acccurate distances to the green. The Golfbuddy might be one of the greatest golf gifts you can give a golfer due to the fact ALL golfers need that extra confidence with the right yardage.

Make your your loved one very excited with this neat golf GPS

Who is this not for?

Not for someone who does not understand technology, while this GPS is very simple to use.

Over to you

Now you know some of the best golf gifts this holiday season for your loved one.

I am sure one of these will make a great gift! Make sure you get one of these gifts early before you miss out on the best deals.

Thanks your reading!

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