Top 5 golf clubs to have in your bag summer 2022

Summer is right around the corner and you can’t wait to leave the office to hit some. With so much new clubs and technology in the market you may want to check out these top clubs to have in your bag this season. Looking to add some distance to your drives? Don’t we all. I will cover the best driver,wood,hybrid,irons and putter on the market right now. You definitely don’t want to miss these clubs this season.


TaylorMade M2

Before you exit out of this page consider checking out this club! Seriously I know Taylormade over the years has put out so many clubs on the market but give this club a swing. The biggest innovation with this club is the new carbon fiber crown. This decreased the weight of the club head allowing you to have a faster swing speed. All of this together equals MORE DISTANCE.


  • New technology= more distance
  • The look is super attractive
  • Sound great sound when the ball comes off the club
  • Feel

Just look at the carbon fiber one of the most durable materials out there.

Having hit a few with this driver makes it to the best clubs of the 2016 season. You will see many players on tour using this. Just recently Jason Day won The Players with this club. You can check out Jason Day in the bag the day he won The Players here.

Titleist 915F fairway  3 wood 

Titleist woods have always been a favorite of mine. The feel, the sound make this club stand out from the rest. Not only that but it’s great for all players. I would recommend everyone give this club a shot. I love the look. It’s a very simplistic design that is timeless. The performance has always been superior to its competitors Taylormade,Callaway,Ping.


Titleist 716 AP1

Titleist irons are one the best irons in the past few years. Their elegant and simplistic design is perfect for middle to low handicappers. I chose this club for the best irons of 2016 because they are not only great for single digit handicappers like myself but for almost any golfer. These are cavity back  and are easy to hit. Let me tell you they go long! If  you’re looking for distance plus accuracy and forgiveness in an iron this is for you. Even though they are costly these irons if treated well can last for decades.


  • Cavity back= Very forgiving
  • Large club head, makes missing the ball impossible.
  • Great for middle to low handicap player


  • Very costly

Callaway XR hybrid 

Hybrids can save you so many times. Whether your 220 out and don’t want to use an iron. Or you got a long par 3 the hybrid is an irreplaceable club. This year Callaway has launched the XR line and have been successful. These clubs are very forgiving. The weight is low with an oversized club head. All of this meaning a high flight and less misses or bad shots. This club will save you when you need to get it up in the air, or over some trees, with this club I am able to have high cuts great for doglegs.  Have not had one problem with this club


  • Very forgiving
  • Great height at launch
  • Simple to hit

Odyssey Works Versa/ Tank Cruiser 2 ball 

Stainless-steel mesh polymer insert creates better roll without sacrificing feel. Very comfortable mallet putter. Recommend this if you’re looking for an inexpensive great performing putter.


  • Great feel
  • Inexpensive
  • Ball roll is exceptional
  • Good look


  • No weights or customization

By now hopefully you have checked out these clubs yourself and are willing to give them a try. Try to make this season your best with some new weapons in the bag. Please feel free to download my in-depth list of  golf clubs, GPS, training aids and moreLeave a comment on what you would like to see.

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