Top Golf Bags- Complete Buying Guide (2022)

So you have decided that you need a new golf bag. It could be your older one has gone past its prime and its ready to be retired.

Or you are new to the beautiful game we call golf and is looking for a new bag to fulfill your needs.

Well, you have come to the right place because with this post I will share an in-depth guide on the top golf bags and what to be aware of before you make a purchase.

Top 10 Best Golf Bags for Walking and Golf Carts 2022




Where to Purchase

PING Golf Hoofer 

 (4.0 / 5)

TaylorMade 2022 Supreme

 (4.5 / 5)

TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

 (4.0 / 5)

Callaway Golf 2022 Chev

 (4.5 / 5)

Sun Mountain 2022 Sync

 (4.5 / 5)

Callaway Golf 2022 Capital

 (4 / 5)

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover 

 (5 / 5)

Sun Mountain 2022 C130 14-Way 

 (4.0 / 5)

OGIO Golf 2022 Press 

 (4.5 / 5)

Sun Mountain Golf 2022 4.5 14-Way 

 (5 / 5)

Types Of Golf Bags

  • Carry bags (Used when you want to play a few holes can carry only a few clubs and usually does not have stand)
  • Cart Bags (Used by golfers who prefer to ride in a cart. Can hold a lot of storage and equipment)
  • Stand Bag (Used by golfers who walk but can also be used on a cart. Offers  less storage than a cart bag but yet holds all the essentials)
  • Tour Bags (Used by tour professionals these bags offer a ton of room but are very heavy)

Golf Carry Bags

If you want something that is lightweight and that is designed for only a few of your clubs, then a carry bag is the choice for you.

You will really enjoy using a Sunday golf bag if you prefer a lightweight bag to move around and only carry the necessary equipment.

Due to its size, you will give you only enough room for a few clubs and accessories.

Some Sunday bags may not fit all 14 clubs so be sure to do your research if the bag can hold 14.

Also due to the size, you may notice with these small Sunday bags is some models will lack a stand.

This can be a Pro and Con because some golfers do not like to leave their clubs on the ground.

While others feel it is a quicker way to move around the course not having to position bag in a way that the stand can support the bag.

Be sure to know if you prefer a stand or not on your Sunday bag.

Golf Cart Bags

Moving onto the cart bags these are preferred by golfers who ride the cart most of the times they play.

These bags offer a lot of room for you to store balls, tees, shoes, raingear and a few beverages.

Having all that equipment requires a golf cart so don’t plan on walking around with all that gear.

Besides these bag does have any stands so walking with one of these will be a definitely be a struggle.
If you only plan on riding the cart while you play the cart bag may be the one just for you!

Golf Stand Bags

The most popular bag preferred by many golfers due to its versatility to be able to carry everything you need and yet still be light to carry around the course. The stand bag offers a lightweight comfortable design fits all 14 of your clubs with its divider setup.

This bag includes a stand which is great if you walk the course lets you put your bag down nicely and take each of your shots.

Tour Bags

Unless you are a golf pro I would not recommend using a tour bag. They are the heaviest golf bags on the market designed to hold a ton of equipment.

Unless you plan on having a caddy or riding around in a cart I would not recommend this type of golf bag to any amateur golfer.

Image result for tour golf bag

Features to consider when looking for a golf bag


If you plan on walking the golf course you should consider weight as your top priority.

You don’t want the weight of the bag slowing you down and getting tired at the 9 hole, that would not be fun.

Go with a bag that this lightweight yet can still hold all the gear you want to bring with you.

Consider a bag that is about 5LBS as these bags will not feel too heavy to walk with.

Here are a few lightweight golf bags to consider.


If you plan on carrying many accessories you may discover you will need to have a bag that can compensate for your gear.

Having a pocket for your rain gear, a water bottle pocket to rehydrate, cell phone pocket so you don’t carry your phone in your pants while playing. These are just some items that you may have in your golf bag.

Keep in mind what you are likely to bring with you onto the course and make sure your golf bag will have enough room to fit it.

Image result for golf bag pockets

Water Resistance

Let’s face it golf is an outdoor sport you will end up coming in contact the elements and rain. They both can end up ruining your golf game. I know it has for me.

But to keep your gear and valuables protected to ensure you get a water resistance bag.

Usually, you can tell by the material of the bag. Be sure to examine the pockets and make sure they are water resistant as well you don’t want your phone to not work after playing around in the rain.

Related image

Club Divider System

The number of dividers varies from one model to the next, so pay attention to the number of divider system to ensure that it meets your needs. Some bags have no divider system at all. Choosing a bag with a divider system is the best way to ensure that you’re not wasting time fumbling in your bag to find the right club. It is common to find cart bags with 14-way dividers so that you have a dedicated spot for every club.

It is important to note that only the higher end bags have a full-length divider system.

The rest only have a top divider system, which means that the shafts of the clubs will all touch each other in the bag.

On each golf bag, you will find every model has a different number of dividers for which you can put your clubs in.

ping hoofer


Now there are two types of straps you should be aware of backpack style straps in which you carry the bag on your back.

The other type is a single strap in which you will carry your bag on one shoulder.

Related image

Dual straps also know as backpacks strap are much more comfortable on your shoulders. They make it much easy to carry around your clubs and equipment on the course.

In contrast, most single strap bags are found on older model golf bags, but you may find some newer models that lack the double straps. If you prefer to carry the bag on one shoulder throughout your round, consider a single strap golf bag.

But keep in mind using a single strap has been known to wear out faster than the duel strap golf bags.


If you are considering a carry or stand bag an important benefit to have is a comfortable strap. Keep in mind that you will have to carry this bag on your shoulders for 4-5 hours. Be sure to get a golf bag that has a good built quality and is comfortable to use.

Where To Buy Golf Bags Online

Would you think just head over to your local sporting goods store to pick a golf bag up right? But that might not be the best option nowadays.

You may want to consider shopping online because you may find a better deal, also it is less of a hassle to find the right bag and best of all if you use Amazon you will receive your golf bag in 2 days if you are a prime member.

Nothing beats Amazon with hassle-free returns.

Plenty of sporting good stores selling golf bags, but we find that some online stores have a much better selection and price than others. We recommend that you do your shopping at:

Based on personal experience and the best customer satisfaction has come from using Amazon and PGA superstore for new golf equipment and for used golf equipment eBay can be a great site to find a good deal.

My Top Picks: Top Golf Stand Bags For Walking  

PING Golf Hoofer

The ping hoofer model is a classic design that is still very popular to this day.

Its lightweight design and a large amount of storage make this bag at one of the top golf bags on the market today.

What I like about this golf stand bag:

  • Lightweight design at only 5lbs
  • 12 pockets give you plenty of storage for the essentials and room for accessories
  • Includes a rain hood
  • Water resistant pockets keep valuables dry
  • Umbrella holder

What I don’t like about this bag:

The legs can sometimes get stuck while pulling them out.

Final Thoughts:

The lightweight design, storage, water resistant and comfort makes a great all around walking stand bag that is trusted by so many golfers .

TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

What I like about this golf stand bag

  • 4 Way Divider
  • Comfortable backpack straps
  • 6 pockets give you plenty of room for your extra gear.
  • Anti Slit stand with non-slip foot pads keeps the bag grounded
  • Rain hood
  • Umbrella sleeve

What I don’t like about this bag:

  • Strap cushions can wear out fast

Final Thoughts: 

This stand bag is comfortable and durable. The leg stand has a great nonslip padding to ensure your bag hold the ground well. If you enjoy walking the course this Taylormade stand bag may be just for you.

Callaway Golf 2022 Chev Stand Bag

What I like about this golf stand bag

  • 7 way top with full-length club dividers
  • 6 pockets including a velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Integrated molded grab handle for easy transportation
  • Backpack style strap for balance and easy carry
  • Soft mesh hip pad provides comfort and ventilation on your back
  • Lightweight weight at 5LBS

What I don’t like about this bag:

The stand could have built a bit better.

Final Thoughts:

Nothing feels better than having a lightweight bag and all the right storage in your bag to get the job done. The Callaway Chev offers a super lightweight design and a lot of room for storage. This bag is great for walkers but also golfers who prefer to use a cart. Consider this Callaway model.

Callaway Golf 2022 Capital

What I like about this golf stand bag

  • Five pockets, including valuables pockets, full-length Apparel pocket, water bottle sleeve, glove pocket, full-size golf ball pocket
  • 5-way top divider System
  • Padded dual shoulder strap
  • Rain Hood included
  • Webbed towel loop

What I don’t like about this bag:

Zippers and stand quality could be better

Final Thoughts:

This bag is very similar to the Chev model, it does have a bit more storage for your other accessories but the quality and weight are similar.  The major difference between each model will be the colorways. Choose the color that best matches your liking.

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover

Taylormade Flextech is ideal for golfers who prefer to walk the strap system is very comfortable and makes carrying your bag pleasant.

On the flip side, the Flextech can also be thrown on the back of the cart when you feel like riding.

  • Lightweight design at 5.5 LBS
  • Quick release, comfortable dual density strap
  • Go from cart to carry with speed, comfort, and stability

What I like about this golf stand bag:

Compact, lightweight and comfortable design for all types of golfers.

What I don’t like about this bag:

Dividers could be larger for more space between each club.

Final Thoughts:

It’s quite a versatile bag weight with all the right features that make this a solid bag for many golfers who enjoy walking and riding.

Plus this bag makes a great gift for a loved one!

OGIO Golf 2022 Press

OGIO is a well know golf bag brand creating bags for years now. They make some of the top quality bags on the market.

Some of the best features with the OGIO 2022 Press stand bag it is lightweight, sturdy on the ground high-quality zippers, good stand mechanism and a good amount of storage.

The OGIO Press bag is a great value for the money and is truly one of the top golf bags out there.

Can this bag be used on a golf cart or a push cart
Absolutely it’s a lightweight bag and will fit just fine on a pushcart. It is also easy to attach to the back of a cart if you wish to ride.

What I like about this golf stand bag

Good design will fit all your clubs plus a good amount of room for extra accessories. Can be used for walking riding on the cart and fits well on most push carts. This is why the OGIO made the list of top golf bag this year.

What I don’t like about this bag:

Club divider could have been arranged  better

Final Thoughts:

Consider the OGIO Press Bag if you want a high quality versatile lightweight bag that a good amount of space for all your equipment.

Sun Mountain Golf 2022 4.5 14-Way

From personal experience, I have found that Sun Mountain has some of the most comfortable straps on the market. I have owned a sun mountain bag for years now and the straps remain the same quality, literally almost no wear.

If you mostly walk the golf course you will find that the Sun Mountain bags are extremely comfortable and lightweight at only 4.5 LBS.

What I like about this golf stand bag:

I really do like the colorway on this model, it includes an American flag which gives it a great patriot look. I also found that this model has plenty of pockets to store all your equipment.

What I don’t like about this bag:

To be fully honest I have yet to find any flaws with this bag

Final Thoughts:

Its worth the price because you will get what you pay for which is quality. By far Sun mountains, golf bags are the most comfortable and durable having been using for the last 4 seasons it has kept its quality.

If you prefer to walk the course this bag will be one of the best you have owned.

With these features, it makes the Sun Moutain 4.5 one of the top golf bags this year.

My Top Picks: Top Golf Cart Bags

TaylorMade 2022 Supreme

Taylormade is a well-built golf cart that more than enough pockets to store all your gear. A great perk to this bag is that it has a cooler compartment and can hold 2 large water bottle nicely inside. You can add ice to the bag as well because it has two drainage holes for water to leak out.

Well built with high-quality materials and zippers.

This model can hold your towel, a retractable brush, a ball clean cloth.

What I like about this golf stand bag:

Plenty of storage for all your equipment plus can keep your beverages cool with the large compartment. High-quality materials and zippers. The all black colorway gives it a cool look.

What I don’t like about this bag:

The only thing I did not like about this bag is that the club divider does not hold full-length clubs on some compartments. You can expect some jamming with your clubs BUt this can be fixed by adding tubes to the bag.

Final Thoughts:

What you are getting with this cart bag is plenty of storage for all the necessary equipment, the only flaw I noticed was that the club divider could be improved other than that this makes a good bag if you enjoy riding the cart.

Sun Mountain 2022 Sync

Here we have the Sun Mountain Sync which has a great look, available in multiple colorways you can see them here.  The big thing to take away with this model is that it has a pocket for each of your equipment. Holds everything you need to have a good round.

What I like about this golf stand bag:

I like that fact that has many pockets for all your golf balls, tees, towels, jackets, and beverages. Materials used are a good quality. Like I mentioned before Sun Mountain has some of the best bags at the moment be sure to take a look at the Sync bag if prefer more storage for your equipment.
Some questions asked if this bag are
Does the Sun Moutain Sync bag fit push carts?

Yes absolutely it will fit a push cart just fine

What is the weight of the Sun Moutain Sync bag?

4-5 ILBS its actually a very lightweight cart bag.

What I don’t like about this bag:

Clubs divider holes are a bit small

Final Thoughts:

This will be a great buy if you like top quality golf equipment while this model might be a bit pricey its worth the price with this one. You are getting what you pay for which is a great quality cart bag.

Sun Mountain 2022 C130 14-Way

Yes another Sun Mountain golf bag! I had to include this model because of it’s of its well know reputation. Some golfers are saying this is hands down the best bag they owned due to the fact that its a well built durable bag.

  • New Smart strap System which attaches the bag to a riding cart with two Velcro straps
  • Fourteen Individual club dividers run the full length of the bag to protect and organize clubs
  • All pockets are forward-facing and accessible when the bag is on a cart
  • Among the ten pockets are two full-length Apparel pockets, a cooler pocket and three velour-lined valuables pockets, one of which is water-resistant
  • Includes a matching rain Hood

What I like about this golf stand bag:

Some of the top things I noticed about the C-130 is the multiple color options, longevity good amount of storage while also being lightweight to carry from the cart to your car.

What I don’t like about this bag:

The only flaw I noticed was many golfers complained about the length of the club dividers.

Final Thoughts:

Overall you will not be disappointed with this Sun Moutain model. A great buy for sure.

Golf Stand Bag VS Golf Cart Bag

Many golfers ask the questions what is better a golf cart bag vs stand bag well if you take a look at the differences a cart bag offers much more room for your equipment but can be a heavier option. The good thing is that you won’t have to carry it around if you throw it on a cart.

Now if you prefer to walk the golf course carry a few extra balls, rangefinder and some rain gear you may want to consider using a stand bag as it is much lighter to walk with on the course. A stand bag can still go on the cart which makes this bag a more popular option.

Will A Cart Bag Fit a Push Cart?

In most cases yes the average cart bag weighs 4-6 pounds and will fit nicely on a pushcart. But there are some models that may be a bit too bulky and heavy to be used on a pushcart. It is best to keep the bag at a low weight, therefore, you don’t experience a bag that is too heavy to push around the course.

Taking Care Of Your Golf Bag

As you take your bag out onto the course, it will get a little dirty. Fortunately, taking care of it is pretty simple. If you end up with pollen, dirt, or other debris on the exterior, just use a damp cloth and a bristle brush to clean it up.

If you leave something wet in one of the pockets, you can use a water and vinegar solution to clean out the mold and mildew.

Just try to always remove wet stuff from the pockets and leave it open to air dry to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

At home, it is best to store your gear in a closet to reduce the number of dust particles that can settle on it. Additionally, you should cover it with the rain cover or a towel (or other covering) to further reduce the chance of any dust particles ending up on the exterior surface.

Also, ensure that you do not leave the bag sitting out in the sun at home because the sun’s rays will actually break down the fabrics and shorten the lifespan of the golf bag.

Over to you now

By now you should be aware of which golf bag fits your needs.

It is up to you now to choose w

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